How do the pros experience the Covid-19 effect on poker?

Covid-19 effect on poker

This is what the biggest pros in the field of agen pokerace99 think about Covid-19 effect on poker industry. See what the most expert players think and predict for the future.  

We would try to avoid commenting on any other area of life Covid-19 put its effect on. We are here to talk about poker. And, of course, it’s obvious that coronavirus have brought its impact on the game, too (and on gambling in general).

Our own points of view, though, would sound more of а gutter press material. We believe it would be more objective to speak out instead of the pros. And, please note that they do have their opinion about the effect of Covid-19 on poker world.

Since the beginning of the quarantine (panic, lockdown or whatever you call it and present it in your own country) poker gurus from all around the world have been writing in their social network accounts. They share concerns. Some of them are mad, while others – like real optimists – see lots of positive things happening to poker due to Covid-19.

The most experienced punters believe that Covid-19-related online poker boom has just started

We don’t have to tell you that since the beginning of the massive spread of the infection, another massive thing has been happening – websites like agen pokerace99 have been flooded by new customers. The ground casino restriction has spoken its nasty word and today, even the most envious real casino players are happy to join an online gambling platform. But according to the poker pros it’s just the beginning. They don’t claim that we are right now in the beginning of the pandemic situation and worse days are coming. We claim that even soon, when this entire nightmare ends, about 45% of the newly registered accounts will remain active. Many ground casino lovers will feel the convenience of playing poker online. And many new gamblers on the block will not break up with their new hobby.

2020 WSOP Fest will not take place is what the pessimists say

They say that there’s no chance for the biggest international poker event to make it. They also talk about the internet option, too. According to a big part of the gurus in poker, the WSOP managers will make a huge mistake if transferring the event in the internet. They continue: “there are plenty of amazing online poker fests and tournaments, but WSOP is a religion and it has nothing to do with clicking on the mouse to call or fold”. What we think is that the organization behind WSOP will definitely make an attempt to save the event, including if such a plan requires online format. How exactly it will be rated by the punters is a completely different matter of discussion and in a time nothing is for sure, we would not make any predictions.

How about you? As an average or beginning poker player, are you affected by Covid-19?

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