Positivity and Negativity of Gambling

Movies are responsible for this if you consider the casino as the illegal place and think that casino possesses the criminals from worldwide. Most of the films show us according to this perspective and this is why we think like these. But the front view is not like that. Every coin has two sides and for casinos and gambling, it will be the same. Gambling has side effects but it has some good effects too. Let us find out one by one.

Bright Side:

The casino has a bright side to nourish the health of the economy of a country. It doesn’t matter who is the winner in the casino. But to run a casino they need a big budget and after one month they can earn 100 times higher than the budget. From that part, if 10% is going to use as tax then what else we need. A huge amount of tax, collected from the casino can change the financial problem of its country. The same incident had happened in Nevada. Once there casino was thought to be illegal but after the grand success of the economy in 1931, the Nevada government declared casino legal in their country.

A lot of foreign investors invest their money on the casino to make 10 times greater from the before. Attracting foreign investors in a country is a great achievement. Apart from these casino possesses hotels, restaurant, clubs and so many other attractions. So working in these places as a waiter or any other stuff and being an operator of the machines in casino needs people. So it is helping to reduce unemployment as well.

Dark Side:

We all know what the dark side of gambling is. It is very hard to bear a burden like a loss of money. Due to addiction and greed also, players pledge their needy obstacles even house. But the loss of our favorite things is quite intolerable. Depression, headache, high blood pressure, tension and committing suicide are the results. In some cases, especially in online gaming, the chances of hacking are maximum if you logged in from an arbitrary website.

Gambling is a game of fortune. Win and lose is part of every game. As a player, we have to learn to accept it. So without being so overwhelmed during winning and without being too hasty during loss, we need to accept the words of fate.

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