The gambling myths that refer to online casinos only

gambling myths

Check out some online casino myths related with See if you believe in these misconceptions, too, and please stop if you.

Myths about gambling and casinos are numerous. It’s not the first time we discuss them. As a matter of fact, we insist on continuing discussing them. Do you know why it’s so important? Let us, please, tell you why. The thing is that misconceptions and such legends with zero level of truth can be destructive for your gambling activity. They might prevent you from registering in a reliable casino like or even let you pass a bonus.

The gambling myths are dangerous for the proper and successful activity. They don’t allow you to gain as much experience as you want. They even take you far away from the best bonuses, offers and benefits you can get from casinos.

So, no, we are not going to stop discussing them. And we are writing now a new material related with gambling myths. This time, though, we are going to speak about the gambling myths that refer only to the online casinos. Here are the top pick-ups among them:

  1. If I change the size of my stake, I will definitely increase the frequency of my wins. There might be some logic in this statement – a strategy, we would even say – but there’s actually no correlation that’s guaranteed in such an approach. And here’s what: the tactic has been going around the web as one of the most popular online casino myths these days. The wrong thing about it is that when you use such an approach, you will not stop losing, but instead, will adjust the proportion of your loss to the increased proportion of your stake amount.
  2. Once I make 1000 (or 100 or maybe, 10 000, it doesn’t matter actually), I will receive a special bonus from the casino. This slot-related online casino myth is something that might have occurred as a hope at first and then, turned into a motivation practice for other players. But none of these self-motivating and positive slot lovers hasn’t explained that there’s no guarantee in such a tactic. You make as many spins as you want. The bonus level comes the moment the conditions are available for its appearance.
  3. It’s very important to consider the last time there was a jackpot at a specific slot machine before you “sit” on it. Briefly, this myth says that if recently a jackpot has been hit on an online slot, better don’t play it a certain time. A lot of players claim that an online slot machine just cannot offer two jackpots in a row within a short period. But no company claims that. No gambling house says that it’s impossible. Everything’s possible. Just like it’s possible to win 1 million dollars with a single stake, it’s possible to win the jackpot 5 minutes after another player won a jackpot, too.

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