Rules of Playing the Famous Gambling Game: Roulette

Roulette can be played in two ways. One is by using the roulette table and the other is by using the roulette wheel. Generally, the roulette game consists of numbers 0 to 36 and 2 colors red and black.

The colors and kinds differ accordingly base on the country. It is purely a game of chance. It only depends on the probability, not anymore. 

There is a dealer to do certain things in this game. The wheel should only be spin by the dealer. The dealer collects the bet amount. The winner announcement is purely dealer’s work. Once he touches a player he is lost and at the last, he announces the winner.


  • A definite number or set of  numbers are selected ( there is more chance for winning the bet if one selects a combination of numbers, single number selection has less probability than that of a combination of numbers)
  • The bet amount is planned accordingly and is kept ready
  • Now, the bet amount is kept on the chosen number or set of numbers.
  • The dealer starts spinning the wheel and he opts a ball in the wheel.
  • The players wait till the spinning wheel stops and the ball will remain still in a number.
  • If the ball is in chosen number, you will win the bet amount then you win, else you lost.
  • There will be certain iterations of spinning and after taking the money,  if you wish,  you can again play by the same procedure.

It is purely a game of chance and there were no strategies invented in this game. The dealer is the sole responsibility for the win or loss of any player.  There are certain types of bets involved in this game. They are :

  1. Inside bets: these are the bets that you place on the numbers.
  2. Outside bets: there are certain kinds of dividends in the selection of numbers for placing the bets. Based on the color, dozens ( 1 of 3 ), even or odd and certain logical attempts are followed for taking down the bet. And these are termed as outside bets.
  3. Announced bets: these are the advanced features,  available in French roulette. In these bets, we need to mug up the numbers on which he placed the bet.

There is no magic or a shortcut, purely based on luck. Want to try it. Go get your bag and leave to goa or some other!!!!

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